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Carbon Offset

The health of our world is in rapid decline.

Our individual decisions are now more important than ever.

ecoRosin has been created to make beautiful music,

and leave no footprint on our planet.

W H A T   I S   e c o R o s i n ?

ecoRosin is a new line of premium rosins, proudly innovated, designed and created in Australia by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. ecoRosin strives to leave a zero footprint on our planet whilst offering string players premium rosin recipes for colourful music making. ecoRosin uses natural, plant based ingredients and resins, including organic waxes and hemp. ecoRosin uses no animal products and is 100% Vegan. ecoRosin is biodegradable, will leave no waste, and estimated CO2e emissions are offset through investment in renewable energy projects.

ecoRosin - Violin / Viola / Cello

  • Plant-based resins, organic oils and waxes
  • 100% Hemp Dew-retted fabric wrap (Violin Viola & Cello)
  • SCS certified recycled container to protect your rosin
  • Biodegradable ingredients and materials
  • Vegan
  • Estimated carbon emissions offset

The ecoRosin recipes offer a clean and precise bite on the string, with a resonant and open sound. A low to medium traction allows for a generous warmth in sonorous playing. The strength of bite on the string is varied in each recipe to suit the Violin, Viola or Cello.


I wanted to let you know directly how much I love this rosin. Whatever the state of the world at the moment, I feel like at least in this respect we have entered a Golden Age!

Darija - Poland

It is literally like holding pure nature in my hands, and I am amazed by the quality and the volume this rosin adds to my violin! It is wonderful handwork!

Mikkel - Germany

Since I started using the rosin I noticed a great improvement of the sound. Both my instruments sound deeper, with a purer sound and no noise from the string at all!

Fabio - Italy

C O N T A C T  U S

Founder - Andrew Baker

PO Box 39 Orange

NSW 2800, Australia


p: +61 (0) 412 626 696

SMS, Whatsapp & WeChat Available Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 9:00pm

G R E E N   S T A T E M E N T

ecoRosin is a new range of premium rosin products for stringed instruments, designed and created by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin Pty Ltd (LBR). ecoRosin uses all plant-based or plant-derived ingredients and packaging materials that are biodegradable, recycled, and / or recyclable.

Organic Ingredients
Organic materials and ingredients used are certified organic.
RosinThe Rosin is made from all natural, plant-based resins and organic waxes and oils. No animal products such as beeswax, are used at all. No synthetic or other chemicals are used in creating these products.
Organic Hemp Fabric WrapThe rosin is wrapped in 100% Hemp dew-retted fabric wrap, which is biodegradable. The natural grey colour emerges from being soaked with rain and dew.

Recycled Rosin Container
Your rosin is presented in an SCS certified 100% recycled, biodegradable container that protects your rosin in your instrument case. This container is recyclable.
Carbon Neutral ApproachLBR is taking steps to become an accredited Carbon Neutral company in Australia. This is a lengthy auditing process, and we look forward to reaching this achievement as soon as possible. Our company has permanently surrendered CO₂e emissions against the estimated emissions produced in manufacturing ecoRosin, by contributing profits to renewable energy projects in developing countries. This offset is based on an estimation of the emissions produced by our company while the full auditing process is not yet completed. 


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